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Founding of the glorious Emevi Empire was the start of the times that the value given to art and culture gained great importance. This reign of art lasted for ages to come; giving birth to monuments, mosques and ornaments along with the art of Kufi Calligraphy, founded in Kufe. The artistic point of the view - using stitched calligraphic versicles on Kiswah, that had become the attitude of the Emevi Empire is the source of inspiration of ‘Golden Age Collection’. The ‘Golden Age Collection’ pays homage to those ages which managed to touch the very soul of humankind itself, telling the story of the golden ages of civilization through the form of jewellery.

Inspired by Emevi, Abbasid, Memluk and Fatimid Empires that harbors the most sophisticated version of glory, Golden Age Collection presents unique designs combining deep intellectual senses with profound visuality. Truth fed on wealth and power restates the most glorious times of the history. Golden Age Collection has 2 sub-categories: Palace Collection and Craft Collection.

‘Palace Collection’ transforms elegant visions of the great palaces filled with romanticism into reality with an astounding collection. The magnificent pieces that reflects most graceful details of ‘Golden Age Collection’ portrays the enthusiastic glow of the first empire.

‘Craft Collection’ sustains the times of hand-made masterpieces coming from the highest level of craftsmanship. It reveals an era full of crafting. Authentic wooden and ivory engravings meet with handwritten manuscripts from remains of preceding civilizations through Craft Collection.