The collections of KISWAH are based on the historical eras of 4000 years old civilization and its rich artistic background projecting the concept of unity beyond time. Handcrafted jewellery, which are reflections of the deep-rooted history bear the stamp of Unity, Golden Age, Al-Andalus, Classics, Neoclassics, Sacred Art, Precious Touches and KISWAH Infinite Jewellery Collections. Art objects presenting the concept of art of our ancestors makes people begin a journey through Era and KISWAH Objects Collections.

KISWAH JEWELLERY benefits from a library with more than 300 books on the history and arts of the civilization and 25 years of industry experience. After an intensive job of work with a team of academicians, historians and artists, it transforms the periods bringing light to the history into the collections of jewellery and art objects.

Its vision makes KISWAH become the leading source for heritage art objects and jewellery reflecting cultural and artistic treasures of 4000-year-old civilization.

Believing in the power of our mighty heritage, KISWAH’s mission is sustaining the heritage of our cultures under the concept of ‘timeless unity’ and giving inspiration to humankind with stories of heritage art and jewellery objects.


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