Unity Collection

Inner beauty coming from the creation of humankind reverberates to Unity Collection…
True awareness emerging from seeking and faith reaches infinity in spiritual self.


Golden Age Collection

It’s the time for faith, strength and wealth! Inspired from an era with ‘sophisticated magnificence’, Golden Age Collection presents special jewellery that reflects deep intellectual sensations and splendid gusto.


Al-Andalus Collection

Andalus reveals one of the most poetic moments of the history. Being a great inspiration for many not only for today but also for tomorrow, it represents timeless values of humankind. The collection symbolizing the timeless values of the humanity as an inspiration source reflects the traces of the interaction between West and East.


Classics Collection

With the Classics Collection, KISWAH sets out the magnificence of the Ottoman and Seljuk empires that began in Central Asia and started to rise in Anatolia, affecting all humanity. It brings you together with the magical beauties of timeless masterpieces.


Neoclassics Collection

Neoclassics Collection brings new approaches to classics. Ancient art objects and jewellery, which have gained more meaning through time, are now inspirations for today’s designs. This special collection offers you a mysterious journey through various approaches and an authentic point of view.


Sacred Art Collection

Sacred Art Collection bears the traces of the most valuable art branches of the 4000 years old heritage. Through the experience about various types of craftsmanship, priceless refinement comes to you. Spiritual stillness and devotion are put forward through rich patterns, artistic interpretations and geometric compositions. Inspired by unique and impressive monuments, the idea of harmony and unity energise.


Precious Touches Collection

Authentic materials of the universe come together with fine jewellery design. The craftsmen of the Kiswah Jewellery make the riches of the universe turn into unique jewels.


Kiswah Infinite Jewellery Collection

With Kiswah Infinite Collection, KISWAH presents a priceless experience. Focusing on the merits starting from the beginning of the history to now, the collection symbolizes ‘eternal unity’. Kiswah Infinite Collection presents the most valuable designs.


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