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The artistic legacy of the Seljuk and Ottoman Empires inspired Kiswah Jewellery and the Classics Collection consisted of handmade jewels with a story of hundreds of years came to exist. The efforts of the Seljuks to explain the culture through the patterns and the multifaceted cultural atmosphere of the Ottoman Empire are being revived in the Classics Collection of Kiswah Jewellery.

Kiswah Jewellery, which gives importance to reflect the strong historical accumulation of the civilizations that started in Central Asia and rose in Anatolia and creates its products after academic research and careful design process, uses gold, silver and diamond, as well as using original materials such as as ebony tree, rodonite stone, red garnet, coral in its Classics Collection to reflect the multicolored spirit of the period.

Inspired by the eras that the culture is conveyed through art and artistic details had a narrative of the culture of the society, Kiswah reveals the elaboration of the period in the Classics Collection, and each of the Kiswah designs tells the stories from the past.

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