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Art objects and jewellery brand Kiswah Jewellery sets out from the philosophy of unity beyond time and presents designs reflecting the cultural and artistic richness of 4000 years of history. For those who want to carry the aura of the hundreds of years of history on their jewellery, the brand prepares handcrafted jewellery that reflects various branches of art influenced by many different historical periods.

12 different art branches such as tile, stained glass, calligraphy, miniature, carving, glass art are transferred to jewelry. The “cintemani” pattern, which dates back to Uyghur Turks, brings together the art of tile with jewels. The most main art branches of Anatolian culture reveals the subtleties of craftsmanship by being embroidered with the motifs of rose. There are also original pieces with miniature art on the agarwood.

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